Community, Connection and Doing What You Want

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Whether you’re here because we told you to “GO READ OUR NEW BLOG”, or because you were looking for our menu’s and damn fingers hit the wrong link on your phone screen or maybe you’re sat in our restaurant for the first time and want to find out a little more about us, whatever brought you to this exact moment, this exact page, you’re so welcome, by all of us! And before you hit back or ‘x’ out, maybe use this as a reason to take 5, take a breather, and distract yourself from this crazy world for a moment. Grab a tea, get comfy, let your car seat back, if you’re here ask the waitress for a coffee (and maybe a little cheeky homemade cake from the counter) and become immersed in our very first blog post.

A café/restaurant producing a blog? Aren’t we supposed to stick to flat whites, sourdough toast and perfectly poached eggs? Maybe.. but that’s the joys of life, you can do whatever you want once you have enough nerve and we’re a small busy business thriving on doing what we want, our own way, doing what we love and trying our best to make people happy, healthy and bring a community together through our food and service. Maybe you come to us to get away from the kids and treat yourself to sticky toffee pudding, maybe you come to us WITH the kids for Saturday morning pancakes and leave with hyper, happy Nutella covered smiles. Maybe our salads are helping you keep on track with your lifestyle. Maybe, room8 is a place where you meet your friends or family, catch up when you’ve all finally found an hour in the year when work, commitments, life and dedicated gym sessions aren’t separating you apart. Maybe we’re your daily motivation once our dark roast java coffee hits your lips and the chilli Moroccan brunch gives your palate a little kick, you know you can take on the day. Maybe you’ve never set foot inside our doors, if not let this be our invitation to you! Come spend an hour with us, sit with us, eat with us become part of our lives and part of the ripple in our Navan community.

Sometimes we forget or never think of the importance behind local businesses, the impacts they can have on our days, our lives and our community, how maybe they give you something that makes you smile (if you can’t tell food makes us smile, a lot), how they impact our daily routines, how they’re a place where strangers become friends and a place where we can connect, communicate and talk to other people who are no different to us underneath. We think we’re separate in this world, sometimes we even think we don’t matter or we don’t impact the world much but without each other we could do very little, without our lovely Aidan the idea of room8 wouldn’t have been and we wouldn’t exist, without our creative chefs idea’s wouldn’t be created and we couldn’t cook, without our suppliers we’d have no ingredients, without our staff we wouldn’t be able to provide a service or form friendships, without or customers we’d have nothing, without all of these connections that are brought together to allow room8 become what it is every single day we wouldn’t have much. And that’s what life’s about really isn’t it? Connecting, talking, sharing, being happy, content, doing what makes you happy, eating your favourite food? We think all of that is pretty important here at room8 and once you’re inside our doors we think it’ll be obvious to you that we love what we do and that sometimes all you need is an idea, a little nerve and people by your side. Whether it’s in the food that’s been created passionately and becomes your new fave, or the coffee that gives you a little inside hug or the waitress that hope’s you have a good day (we don’t just say it out of habit, we mean it!!) or this new blog, whatever it is we hope we encourage connection in our community, happiness in sitting at our tables, feeling belly content with our food and encourage you to do what you want just like us!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”