World Mental Health Day

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Here in room8 we thought promoting World Mental Health Day fitted right in with everything we strive to do. To many we’re simply a café, a restaurant, a quick coffee stop or refuel but to us there are many more things we believe is important under our little busy roof. The waitress that greets you with a smile, maybe they’re just there to bring you your plate from menu to kitchen to table? but to us our job is a little more important than that.

Customer service is one of our biggest and most important priorities and is something we try our best at every single day, as a tight team, a family we prefer to call ourselves, we want every single person that comes through our door to feel welcome and to become part of our extended family!

We know for sure the world can be a lonely place sometimes, your thoughts can rule your day from the moment you wake up until the time you try to close your eyes. We know life can be hard, work can consume you, money can run short and sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can be the biggest struggle of your day. But we’re all in this crazy world together right and more often than not, we all face struggles in our lives. And, we want to reassure you that if you’re sat reading this, maybe you’re here in room8 with us, you’ve gotten this far in your day, your week, or a tough year and if you haven’t been told yet we’re proud of you for that alone!

While sometimes we get to know some customers more than others, and they become a part of our day, a familiar face or even a friend we’re grateful we have that opportunity to connect because we know many people pass through our door who are braving this world alone, and it’s showed us just how important small things are, like smiling a smile, saying a simple hello and human connection is to your mental health.

If you are struggling with your mental health, maybe feeling a little lost or lonely we want to remind you, you are always welcome through our door, good day, bad day, rain or sun we’ll always have a space for you (even if it means a Saturday morning que) we’ll get you in as soon as we can! And, to the ones who haven’t put a foot in our door yet, maybe your anxiety gets the better of you, or you feel you’ve no one to come with, know that you’re never alone under our roof and a table for one might be exactly what you need, know that you’re never judged and you’re always welcome!

Room8 has become a place of many emotions, we see laughter, tears, love and losses and we believe that’s what makes us such a huge part of our community. To have a sense of belonging is one of the best things to help your mental health, talking too, taking time out and surrounding yourself with good people.

So whether it’s soup to feed your soul, coffee to get you going or simply a place to sit take a breath and sing along to our songs on repeat, somewhere to get a little time out and put yourself first or somewhere where you come to talk to somebody else, we can only hope you’ll use today World Mental Health Day or this blog to spur you on, reach out to those around you, to not be afraid to ask for help, to ask people how they’re doing, and sometimes that can be simply over a cup of coffee. But we’re also aware sometimes coffee and cake won’t always fix the problem and things can be a lot more serious than that and to always seek professional help if that’s the case but we do want to help our little community connect again and be the light for those stuck in the darkness, even if that means for an hour of your day as you sit to eat.

We hope the light finds you in all the places you need it most and when you can’t find that light we hope we can shine a little your way!